Friday, August 17, 2012

How Do You Deal With It?

How do you deal with your mate of 60+ years who doesn't remember you or any part of the last 60 years, and wants nothing to do with you? 

Or the dad, who worked 18-hour days so he could provide a life for you that's better than the life he lived, and then one day doesn't remember his son's name?   

Or the grandpa who never forgot the day, date, and hour you were born, never failed to give an 'attaboy' and would drive four hours in the I-15 just to be at your soccer game finals, and then one night doesn't know you ever existed? 

Or the father-in-law who stood beside you and watched you negotiate the price of a Honda Civic sedan and then pats you on the back and says "I couldn'ta done a better deal.  My son was smart to give up golf." and calls you his favorite (albeit the ONLY) daughter-in-law, and then one day turns to you with a puzzled look and asks, "Are you the maid?" 

How do you deal with all that?  First you pray that he made his peace with God before all this. 

Then you remember the good times,  you talk about the old times, good and bad, and you tell your kids and grand kids and great grand kids about what a great and loving man Grandpa Red Hammer was. 

Then you start letting go, so that when the time comes, you can say goodbye to the body with the hope that his soul is resting in peace. 

We love you, Dad.  Even though you don't know us anymore, may you always know that you are loved all the rest of your days.

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