Monday, November 22, 2010

The Beauty of Grace

     One day, Jhen got grounded for not doing her chores, so she was confined to her room for the remainder of the day. It happened to be a particularly beautiful day, so Jacky and Jimmy went outside to play in our big backyard.
     While Jacky and Jimmy frolicked in the immaculately kept grass, Jhen was in her room with her face pressed against the window, watching her sister and brother as they enjoyed the freedom of the outdoors.
     “Daddy, can Jhenny come out to play?” asked Jacky.
     “She’s grounded,” replied Jim, “so she has to stay in her room.”
     “But she’s looks so sad and lonely,” observed Jacky. “Can’t you please let her out early?”
     “She didn’t do as she was asked, and she was warned. If you don’t want her to be lonely, you could always go inside and keep her company,” suggested Jim.
     “But it’s such a pretty day, Daddy. It’s a day made for playing outside! What can I do to convince you to let her come out and play?” Jacky ventured.
     “What do you suggest?” countered Jim.
     “Well, if you let her play with us today, I’ll take her place tomorrow,” Jacky offered hopefully.
     “You’re willing to be grounded tomorrow just so Jhen can play today?” asked Jim with surprise.
     “Yes, Daddy. Please, let her come out to play?” insisted Jax.
     “But Jacky, you’re supposed to go to Disneyland tomorrow with the Buskirks!” reminded Jim.
     Jacky looked back at the window where her sister was longingly watching Jimmy, and a momentary shadow crossed her face as she thought about what her dad had just said. Then, with tears in her eyes as she thought of the sacrifice she was about to make, she said, “I know, Daddy. But it’s today that I want Jhenny to come and play. So if you let her come out and play now, I’ll be grounded for her tomorrow. I won’t go to Disneyland with Heather. I’ll call her, she’ll understand.”
     Jhen got to go outside to play in the sunshine with her brother and sister, and Jacky still got to go to Disneyland with Heather and the Buskirks.

     Such is the beauty of grace.

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