Sunday, October 24, 2010

People to People

    I used to love it when Uncle Bobby and his brothers would come down from San Francisco, because that meant learning new songs having  a jam session with "the band".  Uncle Bobby taught me how to sing harmony -- the note that wasn't written in, but he heard it in his head, so he had me singing the same section over and over and over until I got it right, and then he would bring all the vocal parts in one at a time until I got used to hearing MY part and how it sounded with the rest.  I miss that.
     I also knew that I'd learn a new song whenever he would visit.  Sometimes he'd call me ahead of time, tell me what song he wanted me to learn, and on what record I'd find it.  The following song is one of my favorites that he taught me.

How do you share the love of Jesus with a lonely man?
How do you tell a hungry man about the Bread of Life?
How do you tell a thirsty man about the Living Water of the Lord?
How do you tell him of His word?

How do you tell a dying man about eternal life?
How do you tell an orphan child about the Father's love?
How do you tell a man who's poor about the wondrous riches of the Lord?
How do you tell him of His Word?

How do you tell a loveless world that God himself is love?
How do you tell a man who's down to lift his eyes above?
How do you tell a bleeding man about the healing power of the Lord?
How do you tell him of His Word?

People who know go to people who need to know…Jesus
People who love go to people alone without Jesus
For there are people who need to see, people who need to love,    
People who need to know God's redeeming love.
People who see go to those who are blind without Jesus
And this is People to People, yes,
People to People all sharing together God's love.


  1. A joyous Easter to you:

    You have provided the words for a song that I've been looking for. Thank you so very much for the words to "People to People."

    I also am trying to find the music so I can sing this song at our church when we will be addressing the theme of sharing the Gospel with others.

    I look forward to your reply. Blessings, Gary Strauss

    1. Hi! Did you get the music to People to People? I have an SATB arrangement with guitar chords. The youth choir at my church is learning it for an overnight fellowship on October 31. If you still need the song I'd be willing to scan and send you a copy.

  2. We used to sing this song in Campus Crusade for Christ at Leadership Training Institutes and Weekly Meetings called Prine Time. This was at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad. I'd love to find the song again. Not sure who recorded it. It would be great if someone posted it on YouTube for example. Great song for inspiring the sharing of our faith!

  3. Hi Dusty Mommah!

    I'm a mommy too -- have three baby girls ages 22, 20 and 17. They're active in our church youth group so we often have a lot of young people at home. I work for a non government organization that helps microentrepreneurs.

  4. Does anybody know where I can find an audio or a video of People to People in the internet? I really need it.


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