Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why Rendezjavous?

     When my husband was in high school, he used to come up with words that don't exist, but should.  For example, he came up with "palabrulary" -- a vocabulary list of words in Spanish.  Recently, he came up with rendézjàvous.  I laughed at him when he said it, because I knew he meant "rendezvous", but he insisted he knew what he was talking about.
     "What is a rendezvous?" he asked.
     "It's a designated meeting time and place," I replied.
     "And what is  dé jà vu?" he continued.
     "That's the feeling that something has happened before," I answered with all-knowing condescension.
     "Well, I have a feeling that we've met at this meeting place before.  Rendézjàvous!  HaHAAA!"  He exclaimed triumphantly.

     I couldn't argue with him.  So, the word was born.  Rendézjàvous.  I googled the word, and I came up with zip. Zilch. Nada.  So now it's his, and what's his is mine, so now it's mine too.

     Rendézjàvous.  The feeling that we've met here before.  Welcome to Rendézjàvous.  I hope we rendézjàvous more often.


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  1. This is ALSO priceless! Love the name AND how you came up with it. Ryan has a knack for making up words too... also unintentionally. ;) I love it though - makes me laugh every time.


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