Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's a Mom to Do?

     It's eight in the morning, the hubby has just left for work, the kiddies are still asleep, and nature calls.  You answer the call, and when you're done, you walk into the kitchen, and you see your 15-month-old trying to get to the cookie jar by opening the drawers and climbing up the counter.  What do you do?

     It's ten o'clock at night;  your husband has finally come out of his study after hours of doing his engineering homework.  The two of you make the rounds to check on the kiddies, and one of them is not in her bed.  You check your bedroom, the bathrooms, the kitchen, the playroom, even the garage.  No luck.  Then you open the door of the study and there she is, sitting on Daddy's drafting table, the chair tipped over, and she has a red marker writing all over Daddy's homework.  What do you do?

     Three in the afternoon.  You offered to help your husband with his homework by transferring his hand-written BASIC program which he converted to make the commands look like FORTRAN language, so you spend a couple of hours on the word-processor.  You leave the room for a few minutes to check on the young 'uns.  You change the baby's diaper, and as you are doing so, you hear beeps coming from the study.  You run over there, and you find your older baby on the computer.  She looks up at you and says, "Daddy hammeck.  Daddy hammeck."  Your screen is blank.  What do you do?

     You put your newborn down for a nap, and you hear a blood-curdling scream coming from the family room.  You run out there and you see your two-year-old stuck in her baby-doll stroller, which had collapsed from her weight.  What do you do?

     You're fixing dinner, and you realize that for the last few minutes, your two-year-old hasn't been underfoot wanting something from you.  You see his two sisters playing quietly in the family room, and you KNOW he isn't taking a nap.  You start to panic as you search first his room, then his sisters' rooms, then the check the doors and you see that they are still locked, so you KNOW he's in the house somewhere.  You run to your bedroom and into the master bathroom...and there he is.  Hanging over the counter.  "SKUCK.  I SKUCK", he is murmuring to himself.  What do you do?
    Why, get the camera, of course! 

My camera saved my sanity.


  1. HAHAH!!! This is actually a really great post mom! HILARIOUS!

  2. Oh, hi! You are Jhen's mom?! Now I'm making the connection! I LOVE these photos. PRICELESS. And, I love your girls - the two that I know. :) ALSO PRICELESS.

    Thanks for the comment you left on my post the other day - yeah, a dropping the rock moment. I've heard that expression before too, and I just love it. For a Christian, who knows the story, it really is a perfect way to describe forgiveness and letting go isn't it? Thanks so much for contributing to the conversation. Love your input!



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