Thursday, December 2, 2010

In a Heartbeat

In a heartbeat, two souls meet and suddenly two hearts beat as one.

In a heartbeat, a harsh word or an angry glare changes the course of an evening, but in the next heartbeat, a gentle word of love and grace changes the course of a lifetime.

In a heartbeat a dream becomes reality, and a shell of a house becomes a home filled with love and laughter.

In a heartbeat, reality becomes a nightmare, and a life full of love and laughter becomes an empty shell, and the heartbeat stops.

In a heartbeat, the world falls apart as a heart shatters in a million pieces and nothing will ever be the same. But in each broken piece is a heartbeat.

In a heartbeat, there is hope.

In a heartbeat, there is healing.

In a heartbeat, there is life.

One heartbeat at a time.

We miss you. Our hearts are broken that you are no longer with us, but we will go on, one heartbeat at a time, until we meet again. Until then, rest with Jesus as we rest in Him.

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